Cast List – Black and Blue Friday and Twas the night before Christmas 2017

Black and Blue Friday

Security Chief – Beverly Hammonds
Head of Mall Security

Jackson Tyler – Gary Bowling
Smart, sophisticated husband of Ellie

Ellie Tyler – Amanda Sexton
Daughter of Aggie and Floyd; raised country, wed city 

Security Guard 1 – Lucas Slagle

Security Guard 2 – Edwin Tait

Bubba Plunket – Kyle Shelton
Ellie’s Brother; typical redneck teen

Virgil Plunket – Micheal Soens
another brother

Floyd Plunkett – Chris Sexton
Ellie’s father; a simple country man who hates the government and the city

Aggie Plunkett – Paula Davis
Ellie’s mother; a “take charge” outspoken country woman

Gertrude Smoot – Maria Soens
Aggie’s niece; raised on a pig farm

Maybelle Smoot – Kylie Hammonds
another niece

Twas the Night Before Christmas

Sir Guy of Gisbourne / Uncle Brierly – Edwin Tait

Amos/Amos of Kansas – Lucas Slagle

Emily – Maria Soens

Calliope / Britannia Sneed – Letha Hembree

Mulch / Wendell Sneed – Gary Bowling

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