Join the Spotlight Players

The Spotlight Players have fun with Miss Kentucky, Jessica Casebolt

First and foremost the Spotlight Players have a charitable mission to support the students and programs of the Spotlight Acting School. Members will often be placed in the position of a mentor or be looked upon as a role model in the community. As such all members are expected to conduct themselves in a manner no less than expected of a public school teacher.

So, you wanna be a Player?

Joining is as simple as an audition. Auditions are held routinely throughout the year for Player’s productions. Performing in one of these productions is the first step in membership. Obviously, we cannot accept everyone since roles are limited, but that will always be the case. If you want to join, be willing to take any role regardless of its size. Once cast in a show you will be asked if you wish to be a candidate for membership or remain a guest performer.

Guest Performers

We always welcome guest performers and if one show a year is all you can swing or you cannot commit to the requirements of membership, please return to us as often as you want.

The Process

After being cast in a show and declaring your desire for candidacy you will be in a constant jury for the entire production. This means your attendance, preparedness, conduct, demeanor, and skill will all be watched and documented. At the end of the production, you will be given an interview where you will be accepted as a candidate or given an explanation of what area(s) we feel you need to work on for improvement. Your opinions matter to us and all candidates will be given the opportunity to dispute or explain any issues.

Candidates are eligible for Apprentice membership after performing in two shows and performing/volunteering or crewing in one additional show.

Crew or production (non-performing) honorary memberships are also given at the director’s discretion.