Carol Burnett Show Cast 2017

Carol Burnett

Cast:  Darrell Harrison, Braden Mills, Paula Davis, Shandi Johnson, Sally Iseral, John Harter, Daniel Stuart Rose, Kayla Stewart, Bradley Powell, Annie Johnson, Scottie Johnson, Toni McHugh, Kyrsten Daugherty, Gary Burchfield, Sophia Sheperd, Chasity Bowlin


Bonnie and Clod
Carol  –  Sally
Harvey  –  Darrell


The Wall Flowers
Carol – Sophia
Cass – Kyrsten
Harvey – Bradley
Lyle – Scottie


The Coffee Commercial
Carol – Paula
Debbie – Toni
Harvey – John


Late Date
Carol – Kyrsten
Harvey – Gary
Vicki – Annie


Hospital Nudge
Harvey – Stuart
Lyle –Darrell
Carol – Chasity


The Most Happy Stella
Lyle – Bradley
Harvey – Stuart
Don – Scottie
Carol – Kayla
Farmhand – Braden
Minister – Gary


Lovely Story
Carol – Annie
Harvey – Braden
Vicki – Shandi
Milton – Darrell
Boy – Stuart
Lyle – John


As the Stomach Turns #2
Lyle – Bradley
Tim – Darrell
Carol – Sally
Vicki – Kayla
Ken – Stuart
Harvey – Scottie


Flight 13 to Nowhere
Carol – Toni
Lyle – Braden
Harvey – Gary
Nan – Annie
Bob – Scottie
Ken – John
Vicki – Shandi


Gone with the Breeze
Carol – Chasity
Harvey – Darrell
Dick – Stuart
Lyle – Braden


Passion on 10th Avenue
Carol – Kayla
Art – Bradley
Nanette – Kyrsten
Old Lady – Paula


The Welfare Worker
Carol – Sally
Michele – Shandi
Harvey – Gary
Vicki – Sophia
Lyle – Bradley


The Old Folks
Carol – Toni
Harvey – John

American Horror Stories Auditions (Spotlight Acting School – Ages 11-18)

american horror featuredAuditions July 8th, 3:30pm

American Horror Registration
Oldest Students Age
Students Name(s)

Campus: Berea

Ages: 11-18

Performances: Nov 9-12

Rehearsals: Saturday Afternoons from 1:00pm – 3:00pm beginning August 5 (See exact calendar here)

Tuition may be paid weekly, monthly or in full.  Cast shirt is included.  Financial aid and discounts are available. Call 859-986-0423 for assistance.  No child will be turned away, regardless of ability to pay.

– Registration fee $25.00 (not eligible for financial aid)
– Costume rental $30.00 (financial aid may be applied)
– Tuition $195.00 ($10 per session. Financial aid may be applied)

Audition Details: Participants will be expected to cold read, (optional) sing a solo.  This show is not a full musical, but there are some songs.