The Tomb: A Mystery Dinner Adventure Cast 2018

THE TOMB – A MYSTERY DINNER ADVENTURE LogoCongratulations to the cast.  This will be a phenomenal show the audience will love. – Show Tickets and Schedule

Rehearsals begin with a read through June 17th at 8:00 pm.  We hope your father’s day activities are finished by then and would like to have full attendance for a read through.

Look below for character descriptions.

Character  –  Cast Member
Dr. Penny Lane  –  Alyssa Bustle
Dr. Abby Road  –  Billie Enciu
Lady Eleanor Rigby  –  Letha Hembree
Sergeant Pepper  –  Matt Manning
Lucy  –  Raighan Kelly
Shahrour (Blackbird)  –  Caroline Cloninger
Michelle  –  Kayla Newland
Jude  –  Cassidy Jones

  1. Dr. Penelope (Penny) Lane – A struggling archaeologist who has spent her career in the museum basement.  Penny is clumsy, absent-minded and kind-hearted.
  2. Dr. Abigail (Abby) Road – An extremely well-known archaeologist and published author. Abby is a complete and utter self-centered tyrant who uses people to get what she wants.
  3. Lady Eleanor Rigby – 21st in Line for the British Monarchy and the benefactor of the dig. Lady Eleanor is going to use the event to elevate her status and will be even more pompous than she usually is.
  4. Sergeant Pepper – Leader of the security detail sent to protect Lady Eleanor and secure the site from thieves. The Sergeant takes his job very seriously. He is very fair-minded and well liked by his soldiers. Lady Eleanor does not dislike the Sergeant specifically, but she is offended that she did rate a higher ranking officer for her security.
  5. Lucy – Penny had a very hard time finding an assistant willing to follow her on her dig so she enlisted her daughter Lucy.  Lucy knows very little about archaeology and was always bored spending after school in the museum basement growing up. Lucy is very excited about going in the field and has gone full-on Indiana Jones/Tomb Raider in an attempt to look like she knows what she is doing.
  6. Shahrour (Blackbird) – Dr. Lane’s local guide and interpreter. Blackbird is a mysterious character who speaks fluent English and is very intelligent. She secretly works for the CIA and is there to gather intel on the curse of the tomb, which she believes to be a lost type of poison that could be weaponized in the wrong hands.
  7. Michelle – A very nerdy student traveling along with Dr. Lane on the expedition. Michelle has a track record of messing things up. She also thinks Aliens are the answer to every mystery.
  8. Jude – Another student. This one is star struck by Dr. Road and only came with Dr. Lane because she works for Dr. Road and she wants Dr. Lane’s job. Jude is loyal to a fault where Dr. Road is concerned.  

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