Cast list for the Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe

All cast meeting for both casts is 7:00pm Thursday January 31.  Please do not miss this meeting. (Casting event for the short play festival is at 6:00pm.  Come early to participate in this annual event. Very little time commitment.)

The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe
Characters Cast 1 Cast 2
Aslan Jevon Gibbons Chad McPherson
White Witch Alyssa Bustle Alyssa Bustle
Lucy Lydia Willmes Kylie Hammonds
Edmund Silas Cornette Theo McPherson
Susan Catherine Tait Jenna Briggs
Peter Phoenix Bills Will Harter
Mr. Beaver Edwin Tait Edwin Tait
Mrs. Beaver Paula Davis Denessa McPherson
Unicorn Kyrsten Daugherty Kyrsten Daugherty
Centaur Brady Sexton Brady Sexton
Tumnus Caleb Kingston Kelsey McNeal
Fenris Ulf Matt Manning Matt Manning
Dwarf Kai Kukas Dylan Maynard
Father Christmas DeAnna Gruber DeAnna Gruber
Elf Sophia DeShong Jasmine Sexton
White Stag Braelyn Cameron Braelyn Cameron
Aslan Followers
Animal 1 Grace Gibbons Saylour Burchfield
Animal 2 Braelyn Cameron Braelyn Cameron
Animal 3 Elena Cintra Callie Harris
Animal 4 Beau Willmes Kenzie McNeal
Animal 5 Elizabeth Tait Anaeity McPherson
Animal 6 Sammy Patten Sammy Patten

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