The Best Christmas Pageant Ever 2019 Cast

Steve Davis Father
Paula Davis Mother
Mya Dilts Beth
Silas Cornette Charlie
Caleb Kingston Ralph Herdman
Kylie Hammonds Imogene Herdman
Dylan Maynard Leroy Herdman
Theo McPherson Claude Herdman
Jasmine Sexton Allie Herdman
Olivia Kingston Gladys Herdman
Emily Fothergill Alice
Irene Kazee Mrs. Armstrong
Patricia Watkins Mrs. Slocum
Lydia Amburgey Mrs. Clark
Jessi King Mrs. Clausing
Sophia DeShong Mrs. McCarthy
Saylour Burchfield Maxine
Ryan Shannon Elmer
Beau Willmes Hobie
Dillan Dilts David
Nadia Miller Beverly
Clara Dilts Shirley
Elizabeth Tait Juanita
Taylor Green Doris
Catherine Tait
1st Alternate and Understudy

Jessi King (Will vacate the Clausing  role if needed elsewhere)
2nd Alternate and Understudy

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