Disney’s Finding Nemo JR. (Apr 12 – 21)

Performed by Spotlight Acting School students age 9-14

Experience the underwater adventure of a lifetime with “Finding Nemo JR.,” brought to you by our talented troupe!
Dive into the oceanic world of this beloved story, where young Nemo, an adventurous clownfish, finds himself far from home. The journey of Marlin, Nemo’s overprotective father, takes him across the seas with the forgetful yet endearing Dory, meeting a host of fascinating sea creatures along the way. This heartwarming tale of parental love and the courage of growing up is brought to life with vibrant characters, captivating music, and a splash of humor. Perfect for audiences of all ages, “Finding Nemo JR.” is a spectacular and colorful journey under the sea that reminds us all about the importance of family and friendship. Join us for a theatrical experience that will leave you swimming in joy and wonder!

Tickets available soon.