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The Spotlight and Bluegrass Players are both groups of professionals and performing arts advocates dedicated to supporting the Spotlight Acting School and its programs. Performing with the students in intergenerational shows to push them to the next level as performers, and performing without the students in professional productions aimed at raising funds through ticket sales to help support the school’s programs and financial aid offerings.

Shrek the Musical 2015
Black and Blue Friday – 2015


Potential Players join the company by audition and are expected to stay actively involved and support the Spotlight Acting School. Anyone may audition for players’ productions.  Company members are expected to volunteer to promote productions, work the house and assist behind the scenes when needed.

Broadway Revue – 2016
The Music Man – 2014

The Bluegrass players are an offshoot acting company of the long-standing Spotlight Players and share members. The original purpose of creating the Bluegrass players was to develop a marketing strategy that assisted the students and parents in choosing what shows were age-appropriate for viewing without constantly researching each title.

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum
A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum

The Bluegrass Players have a mission to produce cutting-edge shows featuring some of the greatest material available, in an effort to assist Spotlight to maintain its role as a leading provider of entertainment in the region.

Clue the Musical
Clue the Musical

When seeing a show is produced by the Spotlight Players, families can be satisfied that the material has been screened and vetted as appropriate for all audiences. When a show is produced by the Bluegrass Players, we encourage students and parents to inquire about age appropriateness and subject matter. Many times the shows are still fine for viewing by most audiences but may contain one thing that we, as a family-oriented company, feel should be brought to a parent’s attention.  These warnings may come in the form of frightening moments, loud noises, guns, mature subject matter, foul language, and innuendos we found worthy of note.

The players are headquartered at The Spotlight Playhouse in Berea.