Who are the Bluegrass Players?

The Players are a group of professionals and performing arts advocates dedicated to supporting Spotlight Acting School and its programs. Performing with the students in intergenerational shows to push them to the next level as performers, and performing without the students in professional quality productions aimed at raising funds through ticket sales to help support the school’s programs and financial aid offerings.

Is this a community theater group?

Yes, community members are welcome to audition for each production and join the company.

How do I join the Players?

Audition or volunteer

What is the time commitment to be in a production?

We try not to rehearse more than necessary. We never rehearse just because it is on the schedule. There is a purpose and goal to every rehearsal and only the cast needed for that rehearsal are required to attend. We never want to see someone just sitting for an entire rehearsal. your time is as important as ours is. 


Who can direct a play?

Any member may be chosen to direct a play.

How do you pick your plays?

We sometimes use a complicated algebraic trigonometry formula to
calculate the desires of the public based on the phases of the moon and the almanac, but most of the time we just see what’s going on around our area and what’s in a national revival. We always welcome suggestions.

Do you need tech/crew help?

Yes, always

Do Players get free tickets to see shows?

Sort of…  volunteers working a show (usher, concessions, etc.) do have an opportunity to watch shows.

Are the Players a Not-for-Profit/Non-Profit/Tax Exempt group?

The charitable work we do is under Spotlight Performing Arts, Inc., a registered 501(c)(3) Not-for-Profit organization in the State of Kentucky. All donations are tax-exempt.

Can I come to a rehearsal?

Yes, with permission from the director. Rehearsals are generally closed.