We are a community theater and embrace our volunteers as an invaluable part of our Spotlight family. 

Anyone can volunteer.

Volunteers assist in almost every duty at the theater, including Box Office, Concessions, Ushering, Cleaning, Set Construction, Painting, and Organizing.

If you want to join our team contact Mr. Chad Hembree, our Executive Director. 
[email protected]
or call 859-661-0600

Benefits of Volunteering:

  • A strong supportive community
    Our team is a family
    Social events and opportunities
  • Free attendance
    We call it “Jump Seats” for volunteers working any given performance.
  • Support the Performing Arts
    We offer “Pay What You Can” Fridays and support the Spotlight Acting School’s mission to never turn students away due to financial hardship.
    Both of these offerings would not be possible without support from our volunteers to keep the costs down.