A Community Theater

The Spotlight Playhouse is a community theater at its very heart.  We regularly host open auditions.

Auditions for The Bluegrass Players Community Theater Troupe. All shows will have a suggested age range, but it is more of a suggestion than a rule. The community shows only keep the actors needed for the production.

We are also the campus for the Spotlight Acting School. Spotlight Acting School is typically for students aged 4-18 but occasionally offers intergenerational shows. Tuition is never charged to adult actors helping out in school productions. Tuition for students is kept low and financial assistance is available. Every student is cast, always! Joining the school is simple and completed on the day of the audition.

Chad Hembree, Executive Director of Spotlight, will gladly answer any questions you might have about joining either group.
chad@spotlightactingschool.com or 859-661-0600

Auditions for both groups are hosted on the Spotlight Acting School website and designated by SAS (Spotlight Acting School) or BGP (Bluegrass Players)







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