The Curse of the Cobra’s Kiss (May 17-19)

Performed by Spotlight Acting School Students Ages 9-14

Embark on a thrilling journey through the 1920s with “The Curse of the Cobra’s Kiss,” a production that invites you into a world of mystery and intrigue. Directed by the talented Jazzlyn Threlkeld, this show promises an engaging experience where the audience isn’t just watching the mystery unfold—they’re part of it!

Set in the backdrop of the discovery of King Rottenlux’s tomb, the story brings together a diverse cast of characters at Professor Tommy Towers’ estate. From his wife and jealous secretary to a mischievous nephew, feuding girlfriends, a ruthless Hollywood director, and mysterious fortune teller, the plot thickens when the wealthy Professor is fatally poisoned by a cobra. The ghost of King Rottenlux himself seems to be at play, carrying another guest to the tar pits, while a third sees something crucial but dies before revealing it. It’s up to the legendary super-sleuth Jessica Maples and the great detective Hercules Porcchop to unravel the mystery.

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