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The Addams Family – A New Musical (Sept 21-24)

Performed by Spotlight Acting School Students Age 14-18

Dive into the captivatingly quirky world of “The Addams Family – A New Musical” this September at Spotlight Acting School in Berea, KY. This enchanting production breathes new life into the delightfully macabre family we all know and love. Through toe-tapping tunes and memorable performances by our talented young actors, you’ll experience the comedic charm, emotional depth, and dark whimsy that have made the Addams Family a beloved cultural touchstone. When Wednesday Addams falls in love with a charmingly “normal” young man, it sets off a hilariously spooky chain of events that turn the Addams Family’s world upside down. From the hauntingly beautiful set design to the whimsical costumes, every detail is meticulously crafted to transport you to the Addams’ eccentric abode. So prepare to laugh, gasp, and maybe even shed a tear as you enjoy a night of entertainment that’s anything but ordinary. It’s a show you don’t want to miss!

Thursday, Sept 21 – 7:00 pm
Friday, Sept 22 – 7:00 pm
Pay What You Can Tickets are available online 2 hours before showtime.
Saturday, Sept 23 – 5:00 pm & 8:00 pm
Sunday, Sept 24 – 2:00 pm & 5:00 pm

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Mystery at Monarch Manor Dinner Show (Sept 29 & 30)

Join us at Spotlight Playhouse for an unforgettable evening with the return of our much-loved dinner shows, starting with “Mystery at Monarch Manor.” Presented by the Bluegrass Players, this Halloween-themed play is more than just a dinner event—it’s a thrilling mystery waiting to be solved. The evening unfolds at an extravagant dinner party hosted by the renowned archaeologist Dr. Shelby Stoker. Just when the guests, who are wealthy investors in Dr. Shelby’s latest expedition to Transylvania, start to relax, a shocking murder occurs. Dr. Shelby is found dead, and it’s up to Detective Riley Noir to solve the case. As tensions rise, each guest becomes a suspect, embodying traits of classic Universal Monsters. Will you be able to unravel the web of secrets and deception before the night ends? Dive into a world of intrigue, humor, and a dash of mystery, all while enjoying a sumptuous three-course meal. With limited seating for just 160 lucky attendees, this exclusive event promises an evening of pure entertainment and suspense. Don’t miss out!

Menu Breakdown:
Adult Menu: (Vegetarian: extra noodles, no Meatballs)

  • Salad: The Transylvanian
    • Grape Tomato, Cucumber, Bacon, Torn Greens, Buttermilk Dressing
  • Entrée: Beefimodo Meatballs with Witches Hair Pasta
    • Squid Ink Dyed Pasta, Blistered Cherry Tomato, Black Salt Encrusted Meatballs Stuffed With Basil Ricotta, Fresh Herbs, Fire Roasted Marinara
  • Dessert: Bloody Good Cheesecake
    • Raspberry Blood, Chocolate Cobwebs, NY Style Cheesecake

Children’s Menu:

  • Entrée: Plain Spaghetti
    • With or Without Marinara Sauce
  • Dessert: Cookie

Note: Children’s meal tickets do not have an age limit.

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Gravestone Manor (Oct 13-15)

Performed by the Bluegrass Players (Intergenerational)

Get ready for a family-friendly extravaganza like no other with “Gravestone Manor,” presented by the Bluegrass Players Community Theater! Perfect for all ages, this uproarious comedy is a delightful concoction of chuckles, chills, and thrills that will leave every member of the family captivated. Imagine a whimsical mansion where Griffin, your ghostly host, guides you through a laugh-out-loud series of supernatural escapades—ranging from monsters engaging in uproarious game shows to werewolves having a hilariously well-mannered date night. You’ll oscillate between howling with laughter and shrieking with delight as you encounter runaway robots, brainless zombies, “velcoming” vampires, and the audaciously amusing Sheila and Evelyn, who elevate corporate HR to a comically haunted realm. From the first mysterious creak of the floor to the final, rib-tickling bow, “Gravestone Manor” is more than a play; it’s a comedy experience suitable for the whole family, one that will leave you clamoring for more. So mark your calendars for performances on October 13-15 and prepare to be spellbound by a night of ghoulish giggles and comedic haunts you’ll cherish long after the curtain closes!

Friday, Oct 13 – 7:00 pm
Pay What You Can Tickets are available online 2 hours before showtime.
Saturday, Oct 14 – 7:00 pm
Sunday, Oct 15 – 2:00 pm

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Space Pirates (Oct 20-22)

Performed by Spotlight Acting School Students (Age 4-11)

Step into a world of swashbuckling space adventures and heartwarming life lessons with “Space Pirates! (A New Children’s Musical),” presented by the Spotlight Acting School in Berea, KY! This exhilarating production promises a roller coaster of emotions, stunning visuals, and toe-tapping tunes that will captivate both children and adults alike. The show is a winner of the 2015 Children’s Musical Theatre Festival in NYC, and for good reason. Don’t miss your chance to journey through the galaxy in this spectacular musical event. Performances are scheduled for October 20-22, offering the perfect family outing for the fall season!
The story follows Gabby, a young girl struggling with fitting in, who unexpectedly finds herself—and her classmates—beamed up to an alien spaceship. But that’s just the beginning! Their space odyssey takes an even more dramatic turn when they are attacked by SPACE PIRATES. Through this whirlwind of cosmic challenges and swashbuckling escapades, Gabby discovers her true self, and her classmates learn to appreciate the unique qualities that make her special. “Space Pirates!” is not just a musical; it’s an uplifting tale of friendship, self-discovery, and the kind of growth that can only happen when you’re a million miles from your comfort zone. Prepare to be transported—both literally and figuratively—in this family-friendly adventure!

Friday, Oct 20 – 6:30 pm – Pay What You Can Tickets are available online 2 hours before showtime.
Saturday, Oct 21 – 6:30 pm
Sunday, Oct 22 – 2:00 pm

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Dracula: The Old World (Oct. 20-28) World Premiere

“Dracula: The Old World” at The Spotlight Playhouse

Dive into the haunting world of Transylvania before the legend of Count Dracula took root in the New World. This October, The Spotlight Playhouse presents the world premiere of “Dracula: The Old World” by acclaimed playwright Chad Hembree. A prequel to the annual sensation “Dracula: The New World,” which has captivated audiences since 2017, this production promises a thrilling journey into the heart of darkness where alliances are tested, and ancient powers clash.

Witness the rise of the iconic vampire lord, the cunning of the enigmatic Lilith, and the bravery of those who dared to challenge the night’s terrors. As the tale unfolds, secrets will be unveiled, and destinies will be forever altered. Join us for a theatrical experience like no other, where every shadow hides a mystery, and every heartbeat echoes with anticipation. Performances run on October 20, 21, 27, and 28 at 8:00 pm, with a special matinee on October 22 at 4:00 pm. Only at The Spotlight Playhouse, 214 Richmond Road, Berea, KY. Don’t miss this chilling prelude to a beloved classic!

Performed by The Bluegrass Players Acting Troupe

October 20, 21, 27, 28 at 8:00 pm
October 22 at 4:00 pm.

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Zombie Night! – Musical (Nov 3-5)

Dive into a thrilling musical experience with “Zombie Night!” This doo-wopping spectacle pays homage to iconic horror films like “Night of the Living Dead” and “The Return of the Living Dead.” The story unfolds as Howie, Louise, Gary, and Phoebe prepare for “Zombie Night,” the annual senior class party, in an old farmhouse near a graveyard. But things take a spooky turn when zombies emerge from the graves, leading to a hilarious showdown between the undead and the students. Directed by Chad Hembree and performed by the talented Bluegrass Players Intergenerational Acting troupe, this spine-chilling yet comedic musical promises an unforgettable evening. Don’t miss out on the performances on Nov 3 & 4 at 7:00 pm and Nov 5 at 2:00 pm. Secure your tickets now for a night of eerie fun and laughter!

Friday, Nov 3 – 7:00 pm (Pay What You Can)
Saturday, Nov 4 – 7:00 pm
Sunday, Nov 7 – 2:00 pm

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Elf the Musical Jr. (Nov 10-19)

Spotlight Acting School proudly presents its rendition of “Elf the Musical JR.”, a heartwarming and delightful production performed by talented students aged 9-14. Under the expert direction of Sarah Jeck, Jazzlyn Threlkeld, and Kelly Fischer, the young actors bring to life the enchanting tale of Buddy the Elf and his adventures in New York City. The dedication and passion of the cast and crew promise an unforgettable theatrical experience for audiences of all ages.

Performance dates are as follows:

  • Friday, Nov 10 at 6:30 pm
  • Saturday, Nov 11 at 6:30 pm
  • Sunday, Nov 12 at 2:00 pm
  • Friday, Nov 17 at 6:30 pm
  • Saturday, Nov 18 at 6:30 pm
  • Sunday, Nov 19 at 2:00 pm

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The Enchanted Bookshop Christmas (Nov 17 – Dec 3)

Performed by Spotlight Acting School students age 9-14

Embark on a Magical Christmas Adventure! Dive into the enchanting world of “The Enchanted Bookshop Christmas,” where beloved literary characters spring to life, mingling with iconic Christmas figures like the Nutcracker Prince and Ebenezer Scrooge. Set just days before Christmas, witness the delightful chaos that ensues in Miss Margie’s bookshop. When a crucial bookmark with a billionaire’s phone number goes missing, it’s up to these magical characters to save the day. But can they do it without revealing their secret existence?

A Festive Treat for the Whole Family! Directed by the talented Jazzlyn Threlkeld and brought to life by the Spotlight Acting School’s gifted students, this heartwarming tale is a perfect blend of comedy, drama, and holiday spirit. As the festive season approaches, gift yourself and your loved ones an unforgettable evening of theater magic. Secure your tickets now and be swept away by a story that reminds us of the true essence of Christmas: that the most cherished gifts come from the heart, not just from under the tree.

Friday – November 17 – 8:00 pm
Saturday – November 18 – 8:00 pm
Sunday – November 19 – 4:00 pm
Friday – December 1 – 8:00 pm
Saturday – December 2 – 8:00 pm
Sunday – December 3 – 2:00 pm

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