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Dracula: The New World (Oct 28-Nov 5)

Presented by The Bluegrass Players 
PG 13 (Violence, Blood, Mild Language)

Returning after two years, this retelling of Bram Stoker’s classic story brings a whole new twist to Dracula. Set in the Appalachian foothills not far from the Spotlight Playhouse, Dracula escaped London and has fled to the new world for a fresh start away from those who pursue him. This fast-paced high-intensity thriller is an audience favorite and was a regular each season prior to COVID. Written and directed by Chad Hembree, Dracula: The New World stirs all the senses with an original soundtrack and loads of special effects in an engaging atmosphere. 

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Villain School (Nov 4-13)

Performed by The Spotlight Acting School  (Intergenerational Age 9-Adult)
There are two casts.  If you want to see a specific actor, check here first before booking the Blue cast or the Purple Cast.

Everyone loves a good villain, and in Villain School, your entire cast gets the fun of playing the bad guy…  or girl!  The Villains’ Institute for Learning Evil (V.I.L.E.)  is where all the famous storybook villains go to learn their wicked ways.  Like any school, V.I.L.E.  has its own social groups:  The Monsters, who are always hungry and love to scare people; the Witches, who make a mean brew; the Convicts, who are expert thieves and con artists; and the Misfits, who just don’t fit in.  There are also the Evil Geniuses, who rule the school and are at the top of the food chain.  But everything is turned upside down when the smart and talented new student, Frank Stein, shows up and challenges the status quo.  Things get even worse when he falls head over heels in love…  because love is strictly forbidden at Villain School.  That’s why Heidi Jekyll, the object of Frank’s desire, wants nothing to do with him.  That is, until the potion she concocts for the science fair goes awry, transforming her into a sugary sweet princess.  Faced with potential expulsion and certain embarrassment, will the forces of evil ultimately tear them apart, or will true love prevail?

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Frozen Kids (Nov 11-20)

Performed by Spotlight Acting School Students Age 4-9
There are two casts.  If you want to see a specific actor, check here first before booking the Blue cast or the Purple Cast.

You’ll love this fanciful and heartwarming stage adaptation of the celebrated animated film. Join Anna, Elsa, Olaf, Sven, and all of your favorite characters as they embark on an epic, ice-filled journey of self-discovery, camaraderie, and the real meaning of true love. Adapted for young performers, this musical includes favorite Frozen songs such as “Love Is an Open Door,” “Do You Want to Build a Snowman?,” and “Let It Go,” as well as wonderful new songs from the Broadway production. This production of Frozen KIDS is sure to prove that “some people are worth melting for.”

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A Christmas Carol (Dec 2-4)

Performed by Spotlight Acting School Students Intergenerational Age 14-Adult

We are not returning to dinner shows with the Spotlight Players just yet since the COVID shutdown, so instead of skipping this fantastic Christmas tradition we are handing over the reins to the Spotlight Acting School students age 14-18 to once again bring Dicken’s timeless tale to life. This version of A Christmas Carol is adapted by Director Chad Hembree from our original dinner show script adapted by Jeremy Grant and is entertaining for all ages.

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Christmas Showcase 2022 (Dec 16-18)

Presented by The Bluegrass Players and Spotlight Acting School.

Performances are at the Madison Southern High School Auditorium

Every two years we assemble our favorite Christmas show packed with everything to make your Christmas brighter with comedy, nostalgia, and tender moments. We had to skip 2020 so this year’s show will be the biggest ever and will feature more songs and dances than ever before, plus we will welcome the return of iconic characters like the fan-favorite, Billy Ray.

This is a fundraiser show for Spotlight Acting School and the MSHS Drama and Choir programs.

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