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Heist Quest (Jun 21-29)

Join the Adventure: Heist Quest!

This June, The Bluegrass Players proudly present “Heist Quest,” a captivating medieval comedy that’s rich in fantasy, adventure, and humor. Directed by Chad Hembree, this production weaves a tale of magic and mystery, setting the stage for an epic journey that audience members won’t soon forget.

The plot follows Shade the Rogue, the kingdom’s second most notorious thief, hired for a seemingly simple task: to kidnap the princess. However, the quest becomes anything but straightforward as Shade and their eclectic team—comprising a brave swordsman, a whimsical alchemist, and a dubious necromancer—encounter everything from magical creatures to the sinister Black Knight. With the addition of a mysterious figure tailing them, their adventure becomes a race against time filled with danger and unexpected allies.

Don’t miss “Heist Quest,” running from June 21-29 at The Spotlight Playhouse. Each performance is a unique experience, where the audience’s choices shape the unfolding story. Secure your tickets and step into a world where your decisions determine the fate of our heroes!

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