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Christmas Murder Mystery Dinner Show

Join the Bluegrass Players as they bring another Christmas Murder Mystery to a happy ending.

Tickets: $35, $20 Kids (Kids Meal), $30 Senior / Student (Full Meal)

Look on this event for a $5 coupon.

Full Meal – Chicken and Dumplings, Mashed Potatoes, Green Beans, Corn Bread, Salad, Apple Cobler w/ Ice Cream.

Kids Meal – Chicken Nuggets, Mashed Potatoes, Corn Bread, Apple Cobler w/ Ice Cream

Theme – The Redneck Comedy Barn Christmas Show is off to an already rocky start when the cast discovers someone is willing to kill to be the star of the show.

Thu, Dec 14 2017, 6:30PM
Fri, Dec 15 2017, 6:30PM
Sat, Dec 16 2017, 6:30PM



Three Tall Women

Winner of the 1994 Pulitzer Prize. This engaging examination of the life of one woman is one of the biggest hits to grace the stage.

“One of America’s finest playwrights. Edward Albee offers a new play so good it can only exist on the stage. A perfect illustration of why theater is an indispensable art.” —NY Times.

“A dazzler…Worthy of mention in the same breath as Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? and A Delicate Balance. THREE TALL WOMEN blazes as bright as a midsummer day. Electrifying and heartrending, each of Albee’s women is memorable…” —Wall Street Journal.

The Spotlight Playhouse
Fri, Jan 19 2018, 8:00PM
Sat, Jan 20 2018, 8:00PM
Sun, Jan 21 2018, 2:00PM

Tickets – $10 / Seniors $8 / Students $5
(On sale Jan. 5th)

Dracula: The New World 2017

dracula hdPresented by the Bluegrass Players

On the run, Dracula finds himself thousands of miles away from Europe as he looks for a fresh start away from those who pursue him. His own arrogance once again does him in. This fast paced high-intensity thriller is an audience favorite and has become a regular each season.

The Spotlight Theatre
Thu, Oct 26 2017, 7:00PM
Fri, Oct 27 2017, 7:00PM
Sat, Oct 28 2017, 7:00PM
Sun, Oct 29 2017, 2:00PM


AUDITIONS – Ken Ludwig’s Moon Over Buffalo

The Bluegrass Players are holding auditions for Ken Ludwig’s hilarious comedy, Moon Over Buffalo on Oct. 25 at 6:00pm and Oct. 28 at 5:00pm.  Actors need to simply show up to audition. Everyone is welcome to audition.  The Bluegrass Players are a community theater group serving the Masidon County area.  Auditions will be held at the Spotlight Theatre in the Richmond Mall (830 Eastern By Pass).  Rehearsals will be held in Berea at the Spotlight Playhouse (Currently under construction).  This play is slated to Grand Open the new state-of-the-art facility in Berea.  

In the madcap comedy tradition of Lend Me a Tenor, the hilarious Moon Over Buffalo centers on George and Charlotte Hay, fading stars of the 1950s. At the moment, they’re playing Private Lives and Cyrano De Bergerac in rep in Buffalo, New York with five actors. On the brink of a disastrous split-up caused by George’s dalliance with a young ingénue, they receive word that they might just have one last shot at stardom: Frank Capra is coming to town to see their matinee, and if he likes what he sees, he might cast them in his movie remake of The Scarlet Pimpernel. Unfortunately for George and Charlotte, everything that could go wrong does go wrong, abetted by a visit from their daughter’s clueless fiancé and hilarious uncertainty about which play they’re actually performing, caused by Charlotte’s deaf, old stage-manager mother who hates every bone in George’s body.

“Somewhere up above, George S. Kaufman, Abe Burrows, Moss Hart and all those clever fellows who wrote the comedies of yesteryear are rolling with laughter, echoing the audience last night at Moon Over Buffalo. The play is nothing less than a love letter to live theater.” – Boston Herald

“Ken Ludwig’s Moon Over Buffalo tops the mayhem and pitch-perfect farce of his other hit, Lend Me a Tenor.” – Orange County Register

“Moon Over Buffalo packs more comic genius onto the stage than anything in recent memory!” – USA Today

CASTING 4m, 4f

George Hay, a traveling actor.

Charlotte Hay, George’s wife and actress in his company.

Rosalind (Roz), George & Charlotte’s daughter, who left the stage to lead a “normal” life.

Howard, a TV weatherman, and Rosalind’s fiancé.

Paul, stage manager for George’s company, and Rosalind’s ex-fiancé.

Ethel, Charlotte’s nearly-deaf mother.

Richard, a lovesick lawyer who is courting Charlotte.

Eileen, an actress in George’s company who was George’s “one-night stand.”

Produced by the Bluegrass Players
Call 859-661-0600 for more information


The Carol Burnett Show / Kids Say the Darndest Things

Carol BurnettCarol Burnett is known as one of the most brilliant comedians of all times, and her Carol Burnett Show ran for 11 years, garnering 25 prime-time Emmy awards and was ranked number 16 on TV Guide’s 50 Greatest TV Shows of All Time and was listed as one of Time magazine’s 100 Best TV Shows of All Time.  The show originally ran on CBS from September 11, 1967, to March 29, 1978, for 279 episodes. Not a word in these scripts has been changed.

Kids SayA special presentation of Kids Say the Darndest Things will also be included with each performance.

The Spotlight Theatre – Richmond Mall
August – 25 & 26 – 7:00pm
August 27 – 2:00pm
September 1 & 2 – 7:00pm



Presented by The Bluegrass Players, this hilarious show will be the perfect kick-off to The Spotlight Playhouse’s fantastic 2017/2018 season.  

Dracula 2017 Cast

Stuart Rose – Reverend Wesley

Kyrsten Daugherty – Sarah Christian

Ryan Peters – Robert Christian

Kayla Stewart – Mary Christian

Lucas Slagle – Professor Silas Mason

Taylor Edwards – Maude Mason

Saylour Burchfield – Phoebe Mason

Micheal Soens – Thomas Mason

Gary Burchfield – Sheriff Broaddus

Shandi Johnson – Katie Broaddus

Will Marr – Jud

Laura Case – Eva

Annie Johnson – Sadie

Braelyn Cameron – Olivia

Bradley Powell – R. M.

Darrell Harrison – Count Dracula

Carol Burnett Show Cast 2017

Carol Burnett

Cast:  Darrell Harrison, Braden Mills, Paula Davis, Shandi Johnson, Sally Iseral, John Harter, Daniel Stuart Rose, Kayla Stewart, Bradley Powell, Annie Johnson, Scottie Johnson, Toni McHugh, Kyrsten Daugherty, Gary Burchfield, Sophia Sheperd, Chasity Bowlin


Bonnie and Clod
Carol  –  Sally
Harvey  –  Darrell


The Wall Flowers
Carol – Sophia
Cass – Kyrsten
Harvey – Bradley
Lyle – Scottie


The Coffee Commercial
Carol – Paula
Debbie – Toni
Harvey – John


Late Date
Carol – Kyrsten
Harvey – Gary
Vicki – Annie


Hospital Nudge
Harvey – Stuart
Lyle –Darrell
Carol – Chasity


The Most Happy Stella
Lyle – Bradley
Harvey – Stuart
Don – Scottie
Carol – Kayla
Farmhand – Braden
Minister – Gary


Lovely Story
Carol – Annie
Harvey – Braden
Vicki – Shandi
Milton – Darrell
Boy – Stuart
Lyle – John


As the Stomach Turns #2
Lyle – Bradley
Tim – Darrell
Carol – Sally
Vicki – Kayla
Ken – Stuart
Harvey – Scottie


Flight 13 to Nowhere
Carol – Toni
Lyle – Braden
Harvey – Gary
Nan – Annie
Bob – Scottie
Ken – John
Vicki – Shandi


Gone with the Breeze
Carol – Chasity
Harvey – Darrell
Dick – Stuart
Lyle – Braden


Passion on 10th Avenue
Carol – Kayla
Art – Bradley
Nanette – Kyrsten
Old Lady – Paula


The Welfare Worker
Carol – Sally
Michele – Shandi
Harvey – Gary
Vicki – Sophia
Lyle – Bradley


The Old Folks
Carol – Toni
Harvey – John

Tuned in for Murder

A 1980’s Themed Murder Mystery Dinner Show with a host of crazy characters. You’re invited to the 50th Anniversary of WJRK and the owner has big news to share if he can live that long.
May 4-6 – 6:30pm
May 7 – 1:30pm
The Spotlight Playhouse – Churchill’sTuned in for Murder

You may request celebrity status at the time of booking. As a celebrity, you will be provided a small prop to wear and may be given a card containing a short paragraph to read at the appropriate time in the show.

Box Office 859-756-0011
or purchase online.

Meal: Baked Chicken or Vegetarian Quiche
Scalloped Potatoes
Green Beans
Mixed Greens Salad